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Rhythmic Art… as a teaching tool in your classroom!

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Expect high energy, dynamic, multi-sensory, kinesthetic & creative experience! Facilitated with African drums (Djembé) and an assortment of world percussion instruments for all to play & explore!

Cultural & educational experience through program content which integrates to social, Cultural studies, Language arts & musical curriculum learning outcomes.

Storytelling & Song

The program is presented through the narration of a world story or folk tale, song & chants. These vocal activities act as a liaison for each of the rhythmic activities and exercises!

Explore/learn five main musical language models;

  • Vocal & body percussion exercises
  • Hand drumming techniques & patterns
  • World song & chants
  • Rhythmic games
  • Rhythms & Polyrhythm

Designed for Teacher & Students - Primary to Secondary levels

    • Teacher Seminars & Conferences
    • Cultural Events & A ssemblies
    • Class room Presentation
    • Social-Cultural Studies & Music curriculum
    • French Immersion programs


“Angela captivated her young audience immediately with her many different types of dynamic presence! I was most impressed by her ability to explain the intricate rhythms in simple yet effective manner. I was very pleased by the professional conduct of Angela and most appreciative of her wiliness to share her expertise. BC School District 22 Teacher



Educator - Center of Excellence National Conference 2005 – Regina. Sask.

Performing artists; percussionist-drummer, dancer-choreographer and singer, Angela experienced many facets of the performing arts! Angela has studied- performed with the West African Drum & Dance Ensemble “Gamalie” of Togo, Africa for several years. Her artistic portfolio includes vocal & modern dance training. Her works have been showcased on CBC Radio TV Okanagan Life Magazine CHBC-TV.

Today, she is in the studio working on a world-song & rhythm CD – to be release fall 2005 or on tour facilitating the rhythmic art program in schools, conference events & festivals!

“Walking in door Angela got your attention immediately. Imagine what we could do with children using her technique!

The best facilitator thus far in the conference!”


Educator, Facilitator, Instructor

Angela has taught preschool to college students in many disciplines. Her specialty is developmental studies, program design and French language programs as well as “performing art based” educational programs. She has over a decade as an educator and program developer. Her professional work experience includes; workshop/conference facilitator and program developer for organizations such as Canadian Parents for French, Educacentre, BC School districts student program & teacher conferences , Center of Excellence for Child Development, “College Universitaire de Saint Boniface” & Manitoba Children Museum.

“ I didn’t know I had any Rhythm! I was wrong! I rock!! Angela is an amazing performer… and I’ll be able to perform and teach children dancing and drumming altogether!

TITLE: Rhythmic Art!

Presenter: Angela Roy



Room set-up requirements:

  • 45 min set up and clean up time for workshop
  • One chair (no arm) for each participant placed in a semi circle
  • Open space room, clean floor surface preferred
  • Access to parking near entrance

Additional workshop requirements

  • Two small tables
  • Flip chart & markers
  • Table mike or headpiece microphone Note: optional depending on group size - room

Number of participants

  • Maximum 50 participants


  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear
  • Bring a water bottle – if desired

Workshop Duration

  • Full Day: 2 session of 2.5 hours with 30 min break
  • Half day: 1 session of 3 hours
  • Workshop: each session 90 to 120min

Workshop Fee

  • Full Day and Half Day Rates available
  • Travel & accommodation expenses may apply
  • Hourly rate available depending on venue
  • School packages: 4.00 to 6.00 per student per class

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