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Small Djembe

Rhythmic art!

Storytelling through drumming, percussion, movement and world songs!

Intended for…

  • Public School Districts
  • French Immersion school programs
  • Francophone School Division “Conseil Scolaire Francophone”
  • Private School Programs
  • First Nation Advocate Programs

Designed for schools…

  • Cultural Events
  • Assemblies
  • Class room Presentation
  • Social & Cultural Studies Curriculum
  • Music curriculum
  • Artist in Residency Program

Kindergarten to Intermediate Level

The rhythmic art program is designed by an early year’s educator with years experience working with children.

The Kindergarten to Intermediate level program is developmentally appropriate and implemented using a variety of teaching approaches.

Expect a high energy and interactive experience for you and your students!

Kindergarten drummersThe pace and content maintains the children’s interest and provide a positive creative learning environment for all!

A rtist/ Educator, Angela Roy facilitates the program through a series of multi-sensory and kinesthetic activities that involve the students through drumming & percussion exercises, rhythmic games, songs and stories!

This program provides peer group interaction and individual leadership roles for all to experience a sense of success.

What is rhythmic art? What to expect?

A room filled with joy, rhythm and children! The set up will be a semi circle to enable maximum interaction and space for team work and leadership experiences.

A West African drum and variety of world percussion instruments will be provided for each student as well as costumes and props!

Students will explore/discover and learn

  • World & African hand drumming techniques
  • Body-vocal percussion exercises
  • World songs in five languages
  • Creative & Ethnic Movement styles: Modern Hip hop to Traditional African


Teaching Approach

The artist-educator, Angela Roy, will narrate a story and interweave songs to implement each of the rhythmic activities.

By presenting the program within the framework of a story, it naturally connects the children to the activities experienced and provides educational and cultural value. The story relays social values and brings the children on a world cultural journey!

Learning Outcomes

Designed to respond to the education requirement of a school social, cultural music curriculum as well as provide a rich and unique community building experience for each students.

The aim of the program is to create a comfortable space where children feel motivated to participate and explore these rhythmic activities!

Secondary Rythm ClassCurriculum learning outcomes

  • To increase hand-eye coordination & global motor skills through multi-sensory & kinesthetic exercises using drumming, song, movement and games
  • To develop verbal and non verbal skills through rhythmic phrases, songs stories and group discussion
  • To demonstrate and teach basic musical rhythm concepts: tempo, timing pace, beats, pattern, dynamic, tone and base through hand drumming exercises and techniques
  • To foster group team work & individual leadership skills through rhythmic activities
  • To energize & motivate children through the rhythm, song & movement
  • To relate basic literacy concepts through narration , group participation and songs
  • To relay basic elements of movement, rhythm, pattern, body, space, energy, shape, and force
  • To generate awareness & knowledge of world music and culture


Cultural Content

The songs and rhythms taught in the program mainly encompass Africa, India First Nations & French Canadian cultural influences.

The content is a mosaic of cultural diversity, which displays the similarities within these cultures through the art of rhythm. The story like presentation brings flavor to the program, as this engages the children to participate in storytelling through rhythmic activities….

Developmental Benefits

These finding are based on a research project by Education- Graduate student at the Okanagan University College, Kelowna, BC

Click here to read paper


  • Strengthens motor & visual auditory coordination
  • Integrates left & right brain activity
  • Increases ability to concentrate and focus
  • Stimulates problem solving and creative thinking skills


  • Improve dexterity
  • A ids in non-verbal communication
  • Provides a release that brings relaxation and calm


  • Builds self-esteem and confidence
  • Encourages self expression and positive peer interaction


  • Encourages group/peer bonding
  • Promotes individuality and personal awareness of their unique contributions to the group achievements
  • Creates cooperative setting rather than competitive focus
  • Break down cultural, gender and age barriers
  • Teach values towards unity & harmony

Teachers Testimonials

“Students loved the drumming, singing and dancing! Excellent effective manner with students!”

Kelowna-Casorso School- District 23 Grade 3 & 4 teacher

“They were excellent musician / teacher of music and movement. The children responded to the open-ness, energy and clear directions during each of the sessions. The students were enthusiastic and active participants rather than observers.” Tambour Moving Art Project

Vernon- Alexis Park School- District 22 First Nations Advocate

“ Angela captivated her young audience immediately with her many different types of percussion instruments. I was most impressed by her ability to explain the intricate rhythms in simple yet effective manner. I was very pleased by with the professional conduct of Angela and most appreciative of her wiliness to share her expertise. I highly recommend her program to any who are interested in enriching their music/language experience”

Vernon- Ecole Beairsto- School District 22 Intermediate teacher

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