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Angela RoyThe founder of Expression, Angela Roy, designed the rhythmic art program based on her year’s experiences as a performing artist and educator. Performing artists, percussionist her performances broadcasted on CBC radio/TV, CHBCTV. Angela has studied African Drum & Dance for several years, performing with the West African, Togo based drum & percussion ensemble“Gamalie”. Dedicated to the arts and education and has studied various dance and percussion styles; Afro-Cuban, African, Garifuna, Indian, first nations… Angela co-founded the Images modern dance co., she performed and choreographed works that toured throughout BC…know for their cultural fusion dance production always performed to live voice & percussion ensemble.

Angela has worked with many artists across BC…recording with co-artist on the “Tambour Moving Art Project”. Angela is one the artists featured in the “West Coast Visionary Book” distributed across Canada. Angela is also an artist with the Learning through the Arts of the royal conservatory of music program and studied the Orf Music Approach.

Educator & instructor Angela studied and has worked in the child development/education field for over decade…she has taught & developed courses at the college level in French & English, both in class & online courses. Her creativity & understanding enable her to adapt her instructions and interactions to all ages; children, adults, youth whether the she teaches dance or educational theories… Angela energy and enthusiasm is present!

She received the esteemed Prime Minister Award for Excellence in Education & Development for her work in the community with children and families.

She delivers each program with dedication and vitality “you’ll walk away feeling energized & inspired! Today, she performs/presents the Rhythmic Art program to schools, festivals, recreational events & conferences across the country.

In July 2009, Angela released her Ana Kupatana Unity Child world music CD for all ages. Rhythmic art kit will be released late fall.

“About learning… one aspect of learning we all have in common…hand on, interactive, learn by doing, play to learn…if the learning experience is engaging and positive we maintain the experience…this in the foundation of the Rhythmic Art program.” Angela Roy

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~ Regatta – Kelowna BC
~ Kelowna Folk Festival - Kelowna BC
~ Dragon Boat Festival – Kelowna, BC
~ Fringe Festival – Kelowna, BC
~ One World Music Festival – Penticton, BC
~ Festival du Bois - Maillerdville, BC
~ Festival D’été - Vancouver BC
~ Komasket Festival – Vernon BC
~ Sunshine Festival – Vernon, BC
~ Performing Art Center – Kelowna, BC
~ Fat Cat Children Festival – Kelowna BC
~ Vernon Dance Center – Vernon, BC
~ Opening performance, Samsara – Vernon BC
~ Gala Réseau Femme Richmond BC
~ Life & Art Festival, Kelowna BC
~ Caia Connection, Rotary Arts Kelowna, BC
~ OUC- Adult Continuing Education
~ UBC & U of Victoria, BC
~ “Collège Universitaire de Saint Boniface” MB
~ Dragon Boat Festival, BC
~ Fringe Festival, Canada
~ One World Music Festival, BC
~ Komasket Okanagan Music Festival, BC
~ « Festival du Bois »,BC
~ « Fete du Sucre », BC
~ « Festival D’ete », BC
~ Manitoba Children Museum, MB
~ Excellence in Child Development, Canada
~ Canadian Youth Association, Canada
~ School Districts, BC


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