Gail Hodgson

Gail Hodgson is an artist in many respects; she is the founder and creator of her mural company " Image is Everything". Gail is an accomplished fine artist and has studied dance and movement for many years with programs such as " Gabriel Roth five rhythms" and " Continuum movement". Gail and Angela facilitate dance and movement workshops and classes, as well choreograph and perform dance production in the community. A true collective energy brings these women together through dance and form.


Ginette Sigouin

Ginette Sigouin is an artist of many forms, currently she is an Interior Designer for her company "Indigo Interior". Ginette is involved with the community through her dance background. She has studied ballet to modern dance for many years... she brings her experience and expertise to the program of expression in the form of dance and fine arts.


Ivy Danjo

Ivy Danjo is originally from the Ewe tribe of Ghana, West Africa, currently resides in Kelowna, BC. Ivy teaches traditional African dance for the program of Expression. She also performed as dancer with the drum ensemble "Gamalie". Ivy brings her cultural background and energy into her class!


Amber Nedelec

Amber is a qualified Early Childhood Educator who currently teaches at the Kelowna Waldorf School. Amber received her degree in Fine Arts at the Okanagan University. She is an active artist in the community. Amber shares her expertise and pleasant nature with the children at the Performing Arts Summer Day Camps.


Devaki Thomas

Devaki is an accomplished performing artist as a dancer, singer and percussionist. She has studied classical Indian Dance since she was a child; she has choreographed and performed throughout BC with her troupe Divas. She is a leading person in her community as she has coordinated many festivals events such as Kamaskit music festival and Cherryville Festival. She has performed as a singer and percussionist. Devaki brings an abundance of talents and knowledge to the programs.


Stacey Lea

Stacey has a B.A from UBC and has worked with children for over 10 years in a variety of settings including, teaching, French Preschool educator and coaching a variety of sports. She posses many artistic talents; she is a seamstress and a craft artisan. Her creative abundance and passions for working with children is noticed and appreciated by children. Passionate about the Arts, she strongly believes that the key to every child education can be found through guidance and nurturing the creativity! Stacey obtained her Education degree and now is a primary  teacher in French Immersion!


Nonie Jackson

Nonie is an Early Childhood Educator, with an abundance of experience and gifts. She brings the program her deep understanding of children and passion for the arts. Originally, from England, Nonie share her talents as a potter…clay works & creation is well received by all. What is unique is how she embraces the art and inspire the children! One of many talents…Nonie respect for nature come through her gardening & wisdom of plant life…as she gently guides the young one to reconnect with the nurturing of “growing”! Nonie is part of our annual Summer camps – Dandelions & Dragonflies. Her creativity and enthusiasm is an itergrap part of the program!


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