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Rhythmic Art Designed for Early Education & Development Centers
  • Preschools
  • Family Center
  • Childcare Daycare Centers
  • Parent Participation Program
  • School Age Programs

The rhythmic art program is designed by an early childhood educator with years of experience working with children.

The program is developmentally appropriate and implemented using a variety of teaching approaches in order to respond to the individual learning styles of each child as well as promote positive peer group interaction. Expect a cultural, educational, fun and interactive experience for you and your children! The pace and content maintains the children’s interest and provide a positive creative learning environment for all!

Kindergarten DrummingArtist/Educator, Angela Roy facilitates the program through a series of multi-sensory and kinaesthetic activities that involve the children through drumming & percussion exercises, rhythmic games, songs and stories!

What is rhythmic art? What to expect? A room filled with joy, rhythm and children!

Each session is 45min to 60min in duration, the set up will be a semi circle to enable maximum interaction and space for team work and leadership experiences.

A child size West African drum and variety of world percussion instruments will be provided for each child to play, as well as movement & game props!

Children will explore/discover and learn

  • World & African Rhythms
  • Songs
  • Rhythmic Games
  • Movement Games

Teaching Approach

The artist-educator, Angela Roy, will narrate a story and interweave songs to implement each of the rhythmic activities. By presenting the program within the framework of a story, it naturally connects the children to the activities experienced and provides educational and cultural value. The story relays social values and brings the children on a world cultural journey!

Learning Outcomes

Designed to respond to the developmental needs of the children this program may be implemented into many early education programs. .

The aim of the program is to create a comfortable space where children feel motivated to participate and explore these rhythmic activities!

To increase hand-eye coordination & global motor skills through multi-sensory & kinesthetic exercises using drumming, song, movement and games

  • To expand verbal and non verbal skills through rhythmic phrases, songs stories and group discussion
  • To display and teach basic musical rhythm concepts: tempo, timing pace, beats, pattern, dynamic, tone and base through hand drumming exercises and techniques
  • To create awareness & knowledge of music/culture
  • To promote group team work & individual leadership skills through rhythmic activities
  • To transmit basic literacy concepts through narration , group participation and songs
  • To communicate basic elements of movement, rhythm, pattern, body, space, energy, shape, and force

Program requirements:

Early Education & Development Centers

Room set-up requirements

  • 30 min set up and clean up time for workshop
  • One chair (no arm) for each participant placed in a circle
  • OR Five to eight Benches or children sit on the floor
  • LARGE - Open space room, clean floor surface preferred

Additional workshop requirements

  • One small tables
  • CD player

Workshop Includes

  • West African Drums for each participant to play
  • World Percussion Instruments
  • One song book and study guide for each center/program
  • One Rhythmic Art Guide, Song book & Instructional CD per program presentation

Number of participants

  • Maximum preschool group: 16
  • Maximum school age group: 25


  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear
  • Wear name tags

Workshop Duration

  • 45 to 60min

Workshop Fees


  • Instruction CD with Song Book – 15.00$
  • Rhythmic Art Songbook – 5.00$
  • World rhythms and song CD – 20.00$

Parent and Educators Testimonials

“We find Angela’s programs unique and progressive. The use of music, dance and rhythmic art in her program allows for a pleasant, fun and creative learning environment. Angela interacts with the preschool children in a positive and respectful way. Our daughter was enthusiastic and positive about attending this program…she has become more spontaneous and confident!” ~ Preschool parent, Vernon,BC


“ Angela is a multi-talented teacher to both her students and colleagues. I admire her skillful ability to dramatically express through song and dance and how the activity takes on a joyful celebration within a group atmosphere.” ~ Early Childhood Educator, Kelowna 2004


“I didn’t know I had any Rhythm! I was wrong! I rock!! Angela is an amazing performer… and I’ll be able to perform and teach children dancing and drumming altogether! ~ ECEBC participant, Vancouver, BC


“Walking in door Angela got your attention immediately. Imagine what we could do with children using her technique! The best facilitator thus far in the conference! Excellent in ECE -Conference, Regina. Sask.


“Observed her going to individuals to discuss and demonstrate drumming. Angela was ready to listen to ideas and kept the energy alive. Clear directions and maintained interest! This is an amazing person. I would love to go to another workshop of hers. Only longer! Inspiring! University of Victoria


“Music breaks barriers of multiracial and makes all feel good! This program is great for Toddlers. They are all different levels. I can see how this would give them an achievable outlet! CCRR Training, Surrey, BC